Because a 1978 orange Vespa wasn't gonna happen

Quite recently, I've been on the look-out for a new 'set of wheels' (I use the term loosely). And not just any 'set of wheels' either... I really only have two criteria; it has to be orange and it has to look AWESOME! Sure, that may sound a little shallow, but I feel that if you like the look of your 'wheels', you'll be more inclined to take them out for a spin. And mind you, finding anything decent that comes in orange wasn't easy.

I already have an electric bicycle and it's great. Though, I've been on a bit of a health kick lately and I'm starting to feel like taking the 'next step' wouldn't be so bad if it looked this wicked! By having an electric bike, as well as a regular bike, I have the option of being a bit lazy or actually pedalling the proper way. Or I could just learn to drive already...

This bike is the Ticino from Electra, and this particular model has 20 gears and a whole bunch of fancy features that mean absolutely nothing to me. But I did discover today that single gear bikes, cheap as they may be, are bad for hills and a bit annoying.

For anyone else looking for kick-ass old-school bikes, I came across a few other good manufactures along the way that are worth checking out... Vanilla Bikes, Hufnagel Cycles, Viva, Globe Bicycles, Bianchi, the feather model by Fuji Bikes.

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