Shagadelic weekend!

Me with Shag (A.K.A. Josh Agle)!!!
Minotaur — Shag (2008)
On Saturday I met my favourite (living) artist, Shag (short for JoSH AGle) again. It was at a book signing for a new exhibition at Outré Gallery in perth! I met him a few years ago at Outré Gallery, also a book signing. I'm always surprised that he keeps visiting Perth, seeing as how it's so out-of-the-way. But I'm extremely glad he does!

Anyway, when I met him this time, I got his newest book signed. But that's not all! I bought a print, 'Minotaur', and got that signed the back too. And because I felt like pushing my luck just a little further, I asked to take a photo with him as well! I was quite pleased with myself this time, I didn't turn into too much of a gibbering fan-girl. But I was smiling like a total jack-ass... (^_^)


If you want to see more of his TOTALLY AWESOME work, check out his website!!!

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