My favourite monkey

Simon Green A.K.A Bonobo

Last night, I had the amazing privilege of watching Bonobo perform live at Capitol in Perth. He also brought Andreya Triana with him. She featured on a few tracks from Bonobo's latest album "Black Sands". I managed to squeeze myself into the mosh pit, right up the front. I was seriously less than 3m away from Bonobo and Adreya Triana! Luckily no one stepped on my (still) broken foot, even though I went without crutches. The concert was just brilliant and I had an AWESOME time.

I also got some really good photos with my iPhone. It's a shame I didn't have a proper camera though. Ah, why didn't I become a fancy photographer instead... Anyway afterwards, I asked one of the stage crew guys for a copy of the set list! And he gave me one! =D

Mike Lesirge who played sax, clarinet and flute!
Andreya Triana. I know it's blurry but I like the colours.
Simon Green rockin out! He's actually quite HOT in person!


  1. wow! you got some really cool photos. I especially like the third one of Andreya Triana, with the yellow, purple, and red backlighting. very nicely framed :D

    1. Thanks, I suppose it's one of my more useful skills. Right up there with un-jamming printers hahahahaha!!! But I was just lucky because I was in a good spot and I noticed when the light hit them in a nice way.

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