Everyone should go to the Symphony!

Perth Concert Hall
The other night, I went to the Symphony! It was Sibelius' Violin Concerto and Rachmaninov's Symphony No.2 as the main event. It was INCREDIBLE, the soloist was SPECTACULAR!!! The whole evening was just magical. When the intermission finished, a random guy had a mic and got on stage and proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes, by the way. We also ran into our friends Mum too, a few rows behind us!

All this aside, there's another reason why I love going to the Symphony so much... As a few of my truly devoted readers may know, I have a strange affinity for Contemporary Architecture, Mid-century Modern Furniture and Designer Chairs (I have many books on these topics which I drool over). Getting back to the point, I'm particularly fond of certain aspects of Perth Concert Hall's interior. Hmm, there's just something about exposed concrete beams and wooden panels that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Weird, I know... Don't even get me started on the chairs!

BIG NEWS: The 1st birthday of this blog is coming up pretty soon, so I'll be doing something a little special!

As of now, I promise I'll cut down on the filtered iPhone pictures. I have been going a little overboard lately, I'll admit.

Here are a few Architecture/Furniture websites I like: The Mid-century Modernist, The Cool Hunter and my absolute favourite Unhappy Hipsters (it's hilarious).

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