What's round, flat, awesome, and spins?

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine, Don Lamond and His Orchestra: Off Beat Percussion
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade: Provocative Percussion, Impact Sound: Swingin' Band
Henry Krips: Concert Waltzes, Enoch Light and the Light Brigade: Provocative Percussion Vol 2
Fran├žoise Hardy: Strange Shadows 2LP (front/back)

I may have mentioned a little while ago that I got a record player. So I wanted to do a little show-and-tell of the coolest LP covers I have so far. I particularly love the El Lissitzky inspired Kraftwerk cover. It's bright red and geometric! The percussive jazz albums really KICK ASS in case anyone was wondering.


  1. I'm wondering why it took you so long to get a record player?? Vinyl clearly sounds the best D

  2. Yeah, I really should have gotten one sooner hey... RECORDS KICK ASS!!! And I'm discovering new types of awesome jazz I've never heard before. Plus, I'm so much cooler now baaaahahahahahaha! ^_^