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The other day, I went to the UWA annual Save the Children book sale. Not only do they sell books, but sheet music and records as well! I wasn't planning on buying any sheet music, but being the design nerd that I am, I couldn't help myself! I even got a few classic books too, there was one from 1889!
Anyway, I took a LOT of pictures of the amazing typography from the vintage 50s sheet music, records and books. This is only a small glimpse of what I'll post soon!!! Trust me, it is just FANTASTIC!!! I'll be posting the  nicely illustrated records on Black Soup...
I'll do the sheet music first, there'll be OVER 50 AMAZING PICTURES!
A glimpse of sheet music from 1953
More sheet music, from after 1930?
Art Deco-style book of short stories by Guy De Maupassant, 1929
50s Tchaikovsky record. See more LP cover art at Black Soup

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