The mysterious coffee table

The mysterious coffee table on Morcheeba's "Big Calm" album cover
Astro Coffee Table — E. Gomme for G Plan (1960s)
I finally found out who designed this awesome coffee table! It was bugging me for years!

Back when I bought "Big Calm" by Morcheeba, I thought it was pretty cool. I knew that there was an Eames Lounge Chair on the right and the chick was sitting on a Bertoia Diamond Chair, but I could never find that table!

Then yesterday, I did a few google image searches and somehow there it was! I typed in "glass and wood coffee table retro" and found it among a whole bunch of random tables, the caption mentioned G Plan. So then, I typed in "G Plan coffee table" and BINGO! Turns out G Plan was an English furniture manufacturing company from the 50s-80s. In a funny way, that kinda explains why it's on Morcheeba's album cover. 


Fly me to the moon...

Sculptura Telephone — Western Electric (1970s) 
When I was a kid, one of my favourite cartoons was The Jetsons. The set designs, architecture and backdrops were all typical of the Mid-Century Modern era. Perhaps that's where my wacky taste in furniture came from? I always thought living in space would be totally awesome, and if I ever move to the moon, I'll definitely need these!
Noguchi Coffee Table — Isamu Noguchi (1948)
Panthella Lamp — Verner Panton (1971)
Ball Clock — George Nelson (1964)
Marshmallow Sofa — George Nelson (1956)
Cabinets — George Nelson (1946)
George Nelson is my favourite designer after Charles and Ray Eames. He designed a lot of nice clocks and I felt this little assortment of cool decor wouldn't be complete without at least one of them.
Pedestal Clock — Blessing (1970s) 
I've slowly come to realise that I have a thing for watches and clocks. I'm not entirely sure why. Anyway, this baby is the one I want most of all. Okay, maybe not this one, perhaps in another colour. It was designed by West German company Blessing in the 70s. That's all I've been able to find out.

Eames Sofa — Charles and Ray Eames (1978)
Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX-2 — Jacob Jensen (1985)
Ain't it pretty!
I could have picked anything from the B&O Beogram range. They're all great, but this one in particular has such a lovely minimalist look. If you do a google image search for Beogram, you won't be disappointed!
Artichoke Pendant Lamp — Poul Henningsen (1958)
Componibili Storage Units — Anna Castelli-Ferrieri (1969)
E1027 Adjustable Side Table — Eileen Gray (1927)
Tulip Table and Chairs — Eero Saarinen (1957)
Starburst Clock (1950s)
No house could be complete without a Starburst clock. Lots of companies made them in the 50s/60s. One day I'll find the perfect Starburst clock, with perfect retro-looking numbers and wooden spokes. However, finding one in Perth won't be easy... eBay!
Enigma 545 — Uchiyama Shoichi (1977?)
Eames Compact Sofa — Charles and Ray Eames (1954)
Weltron 2007 — GEC (1970)
The coolest turntable ever? Yes, I think so.
Genie Telephone — ATC (1970s)
JVC Videosphere — JVC (1970)
Alessi Juicy Salif — Philippe Starck (1990)
This is quite possibly the coolest kitchen item in existence! It looks more like a UFO than a juicer. It was designed by Philippe Starck, my favourite (living) industrial designer. I'm totally getting one, not that I'd ever actually make freshly-squeezed orange juice or anything!

Braun SK4 Turntable — Dieter Rams (1956)
 Anything designed by Dieter Rams is great.

Alpine Bed — Modernica (2010)
Sankyo Flip Clock — Sankyo (1968)
Savoy Vase — Alvar Aalto (1936)
Fox — Jonathan Adler (2009)
 Jonathan Adler is quite a recent Ceramic Artist. All of his animals are fantastic.

Hive H2 — Chris Ferebee (2002)
Airia Desk and Media Cabinet — Kaiju Studios (2009)
Butterfly Chiar — Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy (1938)
Moai Statue — Buy it here!
Who doesn't need a mysterious Easter Island Moai mini statue? It'd make an excellent paper weight.
Mini Designer Chairs — Available from Poketo
For those of you who can't afford all those fancy designer chairs (myself included), you can buy mini versions to give you something to aspire to! I'd love a little Eames Lounge Chair in my cubicle...

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